Pikapika is a papercraft doll consisting of traditional origami and wireless control techniques. Our design was supposed to help kids fold their own favorite toys collaboratively with their parents. When the orgamic is ready, kids can place a drive module from the bottom of the paper-doll. Then, they are able to wirelessly steer the origami with a remote controller. In this project, we aimed to strengthen the interaction between parents and children through a co-making and co-playing process.



2016 DiD Award, concept group, entertainment (genre): Developing entertaining designs that meet the local industries’ needs. Up till 2015, there were only approximately 100 papers related to the keywords of parent-children interaction (in China). Most of them emphasize on the theoretical aspects, such as pedagogy, psychology rather than marketed products. The current parent-child interaction designs such as The Burr Puzzle, Parent-child chairs, are mainly or solely focus on the entrainment or intellectual practice rather than emphasizing the other factor, the development. Parents primarily play a role as supervisors to ensure children’s safety but rarely get involved the games. Over 1/3 of anime derivatives including Hello Kitty, Doraemon, were produced in Dong Guan due to the robust OEM factories in the local areas. And they are looking forward to transforming into ODM companies.


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