Hi there 馃憢

My name is Sark Xing. I am a PhD student at PolyU Design for designing the materiality of connected things in everyday settings. I tend to adopt a hands-on and user-centered approach in the study, focusing on a view of contexts, and evaluating concepts in-situ to inform design- iterations and knowledge. I appreciate interactions that respect both cyber and physical world, delivering intriguing experiences to the user. In this portfolio, you could find my latest research- and design work, a short biography with my CV.

Topplr: Designing Tangible Expressions

March 5, 2020 路 Sark

Light Messenger: Communication via Light

February 6, 2020 路 Sark

Puffy: Crafting a Shape-changing Artefact from Everyday Inspirations

November 21, 2019 路 Sark, Bart van Dijk

Volcano: Shared Spaces towards Shared Responsibilities

July 27, 2019 路 Sark, Arthur Geel, Yizhou Liu
Demonstration of tumbling down Topplr to skip a song

Topplr: Leveraging Periphery of Attention

March 5, 2019 路 Sark, Ward de Groot, Yizhou Liu, Ferdi Zwaan

hAIr: Intelligent Hairstyle Recommender System

February 3, 2019 路 Sark